…keeping a daughter under strict discipline…


…one of the most important backings of a healthy daddy daughter relationship is to keep her under strict discipline. A young daughter cannot be accustomed to strict fatherly discilpline early enough, because only a truely submissive daughter can give her daddy the sexual stimulation he needs to satisfy his enormous manly lust. Therefore, a Daddy must take his daughter under his control and guidance. Contemporary research has figured out most effective ways to do that.

1. A daddy should fuck his daughter whenever, however long, however hard, in whatever position and whatever way (in her ass or cunt) he wishes. It is very important not to make any words about it, he’d just grab her, bend her over a table, desk or bed, yank down her jeans and ram his big hard cock into her. She shouldn’t even realise what’s happening to her and soon she is her daddy’s little fucktoy.

2. Punish your daughter regularly. If she has been a good girl, which is most desirable, find an excuse, any whatsoever lame reason is good enough to let your daughter feel your strict dominance. Be creative in finding new wicked ways to punish your poor baby girl:

•Tell her in the morning that you don’t let her spend a night out with her best friends, schedule a night of harsh daddy cock punishment instead.
•Give her regular punishment cum facials in most compromising situations when she hardly has the opportunity to compose herself afterwards.
•Spank her before, while and after fucking her hard.
•Tell her in the morning that you are going to fuck her in the ass in the evening as a punishment for some futile reason.
•When fucking your daughter for punishment never forget to make it painful by slapping her ass hard, pulling her hair, choking her etc.
•Choose a special punishment dress for her which turns you on particularly, e. g., make her wear a sluttish latex dress, a schoolgirl or cheerleader uniform, rompers etc.
•If ever possible, establish a special punishment room, e. g., a sombre room in the basement with only the punishment bench in it.
•Use handcuffs to restraint her during her punishment.
•Make her cry and enjoy her tears during her punishment.

3. Use strict sex training to discipline your daughter. Make an elaborated schedule of anal and oral training sessions. For example, let her do a striptease for you followed by a passionate blowjob. Be consequent in that…

“Daddy, can I go out with Angela and Maria tonight? A cool new bar has opened in the city and I really want to see it.” “No way, baby, you know only too well that it’s anal training tonight and that it is a lot more important that you learn to be daddy’s good anal whore than to hang around in bars.”


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