…The Ceremony…

ad come


Eleonore felt so nervous and shaky, although she tried hard to keep her countenance. The great moment was about to come, The Ceremony, her ritualized defloration by her own father, reverend Anderson. It was family tradition, her two older sisters having undergone The Ceremony, too.

Now it was her turn. She was prepared perfectly, bathed, fragrant from an alluring perfume, dressed to kill in a breathtaking lingerie. As the Ceremony Protocol requires, she had gone to confession in the afternoon to reverend Thomas, a friend of her father and strict Ceremonial Master of his own daughters. Afterwards her mother and her aunt had administered an enema to her, which was also part of the Ceremonial Protocol; a young girl should have a cleansing of her body and soul before she receives the holy semen of her father for the first time.

When the time had come her mother and aunt led her into the candel-lit church. Just in front of the altar, under the lecherous gaze of the congregation members, they laid her down on the Diwan of Unification.

They bared her luscious breasts and spread her legs wide apart, whispering ritual formulas. After an endless while of waiting, lying there helplessly on her back, eventually her father was led into the church by his older daughters, whose task it was to assist her father during the defloration.

They led him infront of Eleonore and took his gown from him, so everybody in the church could see his big, steel hard penis. More formulars were spoken when they helped her father kneel in front of Eleonore, so they could place the tip of his penis on her dripping pussy and then slowly insert it. A murmur went through the rows, when the reverend started to fuck his daughter.

He thrust his hips into her young body, slowly but permanently increasing his pace unitl he fucked her hard and fast, reaching unforseen heights of lust, evetually consecrating the daughterly cunt with his priestly cum. The entire congregation applauded.

When it was over and people went home the atmosphere was highly charged…

Many of the daughters, when looking into the sparkling eyes of their fathers, knew what to espect when they had returned home…


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